Participants will view and discuss Matisse’s collages. They will learn about well planned composition and how to place shapes and colors on their page in order to make a dynamic collage. Each student will make and take home a finished collage inspired by Matisse.


This will be an exciting workshop that will concentrate on the French artist Henri Matisse’s cut outs and collages.

Fauvism a movement that started in France and Italy was an explosive and exciting period of art. Artists of this period experimented with bright colors and unusual compositions. These artists earned the name Fauvist because of their radical ideas and exuberant styles. In this class, students will focus on the art of Henri Matisse – probably the most famous artist of that period. After sharing opinions, thoughts, and ideas about Fauvist art, students will create a collage/painting/mixed media piece in the style of Matisse.

His work will be looked at and discussed. Techniques of cutting and collaging will be taught and the instructors, Liz Cohen Ndoye and France Garrido, art teachers and collage artists will review the art principles of shape, line, color and texture. The terms organic and geometric will be discussed. Students will create their own cut outs – move them around on their background paper, make decisions about what composition is best for their piece and then create a finished art work in the style of Matisse.

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