After looking at and discussing Picasso’s sculpture, students will talk about the use of found materials to create a work of art. They will then be offered a variety of recycled materials and glue and invited to create their own found art sculpture. Techniques in building and joining objects together will be shown.


Using found art objects supplied by our art teachers; Ibou Ndoye, Liz Cohen Ndoye, and France Garrido, participants will make small but exciting pieces of sculpture. Works by the renowned Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso will be looked at and discussed. The term “cubism” will be defined and examples of cubist sculpture will be shown. Discussion will take place about how Picasso was strongly influenced by African carvings. A comprehension of how cross cultural borrowings can inspire artists to create their own unique and beautiful works.

Objects like chunks of foam, bits of wood, stones, shells, wires, buttons, dry clay, broken bits of toys and containers, etc. will then be sorted through, chosen and used to construct unique and beautiful sculptures by each participant. The instructors will teach concepts of design and construction in order to help everyone build pieces that will be solid, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing.

Much fun and co-operation will ensue and students will learn to appreciate that there are many ways to solve problems. Through the language of art, bonds between people will be formed and much fun will be had by all.

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