Reverse Glass Painting


Learning to draw and paint on the reverse side of glass to create a beautiful image through the front side.




Reverse glass painting is a technique taught by Senegalese artist, Ibou Ndoye. Students will learn that this is an ancient and revered tradition in West Africa in which artists draw and paint on the reverse side of the glass. This technique will allow them to create a finished piece of art that can only be viewed through the front of the glass.

The first step in the process will be to create an ink line drawing on the reverse side of the glass. Line drawings of African symbols will be provided for artists to trace or each student can create their own image. Next students will be asked to paint small details in the painting. Finally the artists will complete their work by painting in the background.

While learning from Mr. Ndoye, the students will experience the importance of drawing in order to create a painting. They will also get to experience how painting can, at times be considered sculpture, and discussion will take place about what is painting? What is sculpture?

The added factor of having a teacher from another continent with a non European aesthetic will be great cross cultural fun for the students. They will learn about the power of tradition and story telling in African society. Knowledge of the great skills of artists from another country will strengthen appreciation for the African aesthetic and help students place African art in the larger context of global art appreciation. An experience with and understanding for art from another continent, will enable students to see the importance of the visual arts in all cultures.

A wealth of different materials will be explored including acrylic paint, inks, and markers. Skills and techniques will be taught that will make the artists prepared of a variety of inspirations

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