Van Gogh


Students will look at and discuss Van Gogh’s landscapes from Arles France. They will learn basic color theory and how to create the illusion of depth on the page. They will be instructed in how to paint use palette knives in a thick impasto technique. They will each create a landscape.



Painting like Vincent Van Gogh workshops will be lead by accomplished artists, Liz Cohen Ndoye and France Garrido.

They will lead the participants in a discussion of the work of Vincent Van Gogh – focussing in particular on his work from his time in Arles, France. The terms impasto and foreground and background will be introduced. The principals of art, texture and color, will be stressed. A brief overview of landscape painting and perspective will be given. Students will acquire greater skills in building composition and color theory.

After demonstrating how to use palette knives and lay on thick textures of paint, students will then proceed to create their own paintings inspired by Van Gogh’s very unique and exciting style. Pencil sketches will be done on canvas first and then the background and large shapes will be painted first, followed by details. Students will be encouraged to outline their shapes much as Van Gogh did in his Arles paintings.

Once finished, students will be invited to share how it felt to paint in the style of Van Gogh. They will be able to talk about their triumphs and pitfalls and ask for advice from their fellow participants.

During the sharing portion of this workshop, artists will understand and appreciate that all painters experience difficulties. And they will understand that problem solving is much easier with help from one’s fellow artists. This will foster the desire to listen and see other’s points of view.

Upon completion of the class, students will take their paintings with them. Once home the images they created will help them remember the importance of working with and learning from others.

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